Frequently Asked Questions about TripPlanz™

Who installs the TripPlanz™ widget?

Rich Media Exchange provides any organization with the ability to embed trip planning in your website, blog or into an HTML email. From any video or an image in the Rich Media Marketplace, you can easily grab the HTML code snippet for the widget.

This can be done by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog or profile on a social media site.  This might be a webmaster, administrator or your marketing firm.

What can I do with the widget?

You can provide your users with the ability to plan their trip nearby the destination or the place mentioned in the video or image.  This includes finding available hotels nearby, getting driving directions and optionally renting a car or buying an airline ticket.

How long does it take to install?

It just takes a few minutes to view the video or image, copy the embed code and install it on your site.

Who uses the widget?

The traveler is the ultimate user of the TripPlanz widget.

The travel dates will default to the check-in/travel date specified (defaults to 30 days out) and the traveler may override them.

For a hotel room, the traveler enters the number of rooms that they need and specifies the number of adults and children and then the system checks availability for hotels within proximity to the address embedded in the widget (the system needs to translate the address into latitude/longitude, which is required by the booking engine to do the search).

The traveler can optionally narrow their search by Hotel Brand and by Number of Stars.

For driving directions, the system pre-fills the destination (your location or event) and the traveler enters where they are coming from.  They may optionally book a car.

For air tickets, the system pre-fills the destination airport.  This may be customized in the widget code, if your preferred airport is different from your location city.

Is this RME’s own product?

Rich Media Exchange and Solutionz Technologies have partnered to provide this capability to users of the Rich Media Marketplace.  RME is the first company to ever seamlessly trip-enable videos and photos that are uploaded to the Marketplace portal.  The TripPlanz™ brand and the tool are the property of and are supported by Solutionz Technologies.

Who should use TripPlanz?

It is designed for bloggers, travel writers, media companies and destination marketers to add trip planning to the venues and destinations described in videos and images.

Can I upload my own videos and/or images and trip-enable them?

Yes you can.  Simply go to the Rich Media Marketplace and create a login and then you will be able to upload your own rich media and then will be able to display it, copy the embed code for the video or image and the embed code for the trip widget, which has already been customized for the featured location.

Do I have to pay for TripPlanz?

No, the Smart Trip Planning capabilities are a part of your Rich Media Marketplace membership and allow you to add the ability for your readers/customers to plan their trip to a specific location, even if you are not a travel agent.

Can TripPlanz be used by Travel Agents?

Yes it can, but the bookings will not be passed to your GDS system or your accounting system.  The traveler pays with their credit card and the agency is not involved in the transaction.

Can I do group and meeting bookings with TripPlanz?

Yes, when you select 10+ rooms, our group booking platform is automatically displayed, allowing you to request a quote from up to 10 properties for not only the sleeping rooms, but also meeting space, so if you are writing about weddings or about family reunions or a similar event requiring a large number of rooms, the user can actually do their planning and then once a property is selected will be able to send a link to the attendees and they can do their own bookings, including paying for them individually, or of course they can all be paid by the meeting planner.

Can I earn money using TripPlanz?

Yes, we track all users of this capability and if you produce more than 30 bookings per quarter (based on all of the videos and images that you are trip-enabling), you automatically become a PRO subscriber and will receive a royalty from Rich Media Exchange.

How do I add TripPlanz to my site or blog?

Once you’ve joined the Rich Media Marketplace, simply display the video or image that you wish to “trip-enable” and underneath the thumbnail on the right side of the screen, first copy the embed code for the photo or video and then after pasting that code into your site or blog, also click on the suitcase icon to the right of the embed symbol </>.  You can then paste the code snippet for the trip planning widget into your HTML or WordPress site.

Is the TripPlanz widget mobile ready?

Yes, not only is it mobile ready, but it is also device and container responsive.  What that means is that when it is pasted into your site, if it is pasted into a narrow column, it will adjust to that width, resembling the mobile version.

Can I modify the TripPlanz widget snippet to customize it?

Yes, click HERE for the detailed, field by field definitions.  HTML is a very precise language, so when in doubt, ask someone who knows HTML to help you!

I would like this same thing for my event, but would want to customized the dates

Contact Solutionz (email or during business hours 8am-6pm ET you may call 1-813-925-0789 x 2) and they will assist you with this.  Please let them know that you are a Rich Media Marketplace member and they will ensure that the right tracking code is inserted into your event widget(s).