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Thank you for becoming a Distribution Partner!

We just need a few things from you to get started...

1. Complete and sign the following Content Distribution Agreement and return it via email to - RME Content Distribution Agreement
2. Basic and Professional Account Subscribers will need to create a Distribution Account in the Rich Media Exchange Marketplace (Monthly Feature Partner accounts will be set up internally). Please visit the Rich Media Marketplace to set up your account.
3. Share your media content via DropBox with .
4. Please forward an email or document to that includes a description for each piece of media to includes the following.
• Destination (City, State/Province, Region, Country)
• Title (Location Name, Excursion, Property Type, etc.
• 2-3 sentence description of the image/video
• Contact name, phone number and email

This information is very important as it greatly improves your content's SEO ranking in our system as well as on search engines. We can't post your content until this information is received.

Thank you so much for sharing your rich media with us and we look forward to increasing your content viewership and reach through your use of the Rich Media Marketplace.