Download our Quick Start Instructions

We are excited to have you as a Rich Media MarketPlace Supplier! Thank you for joining us.

There are just a few steps for you to begin sharing your media with agents and bloggers subscribed to the Marketplace...

1. Visit the Rich Media Marketplace to login and start uploading your media
2. Once logged in please go to Settings (the cog wheel in the upper right of the portal) and you will see a tab that says ‘Manage Files’. This is the area where you will upload your media. You can use the drag-and-drop feature or you can upload content directly from files on a computer.
3. Once uploaded you can edit each image/video manually from your side. We recommend as much detail as possible in the description area so agents/bloggers can easily read about your products. Make sure to include:
    • Location (the more specific, the more accurate Google Maps can be)
    • Title (Location Name, Excursion, Property Type, etc.)
    • Description of the Location, Excursion, Property, etc.
        • 2-3 sentence description of the image/video
        • Website, contact email, or phone number

    • Choose which consortia partners for distribution of your rich media
4. Contact Support for any assistance with uploading media, editing information in each media piece uploaded, and any other support needs.

Thank you so much for sharing your media with us and we look forward to increasing your content viewership and reach through your use of the Rich Media Marketplace.