Rich Media Exchange combines technology with content to offer a customized White Label version of the Rich Media Marketplace.

This proprietary technology enables its users to have cloud-based access to the broadest library of destination content available.

Marketplace subscribers have full access to browse and use over 1,200 videos, 160,000 images, and will soon be including destination guides, articles, offers, and blogs. The Marketplace Content Management System (CMS) enables subscribers to preview images and videos, download guides, share content to Social Media channels, and build and customize players and playlists for use in marketing materials and websites.

Users can also upload their own content to distribute to the subscriber base and media channels or simply to use in their own account. All users have access to analytics and reporting tools so they can easily track viewership data and content statistics.The Marketplace technology was built with the end-user in mind. It uses recognizable functionality and tools for ease of use. It allows you to easily share single images or videos or to build your own custom playlists with drag-and-drop. The content offers unprecedented relevance to viewers, by allowing them to determine what they see and when they are ready to transact.

Enterprise consumers can White Label the RME Marketplace technology for their own corporate content management. The technology is completely branded and customized to meet the needs of the company and includes only content relevant to their organization.

White Label customers can utilize their own content, the RME Marketplace library, or a combination of the two. This service enables companies to easily access, share, and track views of all selected content to their ad agencies, marketing teams, and web sites.